Interview with Dennis Turpitka

In expectation of Startup Grind Dnepropetrovsk #1 with Dennis Turpitka* we are publishing exclusive interview with CEO of Apriorit.

*Dennis Turpitka is CEO and Founder at Apriorit, CEO and Co-Founder at Cloudifile, expert in Digital Security solution, business design and development, Virtualization and Cloud Computing R&D projects, establishment and management of Software Research direction. Successful entrepreneur, who organized several security startups.

How do you organize your leisure time?

Typically I have a leisure time on a plane or train. Probably it’s the most free time that I have. When I have no internet connection I try not to read emails and to do something else, not related to business at all.

Could you define mastery? What skills are the most important for you?

Mastery doesn’t mean that somebody is just doing something well. I think that learning cycle has four stages and the last stage is uncontinuous knowledge. It means that you are doing your job but you are not paying to much attention to details. You rather focus on the goal but at the same time all your skills are coming up automatically with your experience.

Important skills are changing all the time. The most important skill for me now is measuring the mastership and effectiveness of the person that has completely different skills. In general our company is paying a lot of attention to product marketing skill now.


It’s known that you’re a master of contact improvisation. Did these practices become necessary for you? How much body care means for you?

I have rather experience than knowledge of improvisation. I’d characterize this practice as less business that helps to do more business. Thinking about business all the time may be very boring. These practices help to be here and now whatever it means — talking to people or calculating spreadsheets.

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Organization powered by Google for Entrepreneurs launches in Dnepropetrovsk!

В Днепропетровске стартует Startup Grind — программа ежемесячных бизнес-ивентов Google for Entrepreneurs. Первый Startup Grind Dnepropetrovsk состоится 20 октября 2015 года.

Startup Grind — ивент только для предпринимателей, бизнесменов и инвесторов. На сцену Startup Grind в этот раз выйдет Денис Турпитка — бизнесмен, основатель и CEO Apriorit, со-основатель и CEO Cloudifile, эксперт в информационной безопасности, развитии бизнеса и управлении программными исследованиями.


Директор Startup Grind в Днепропетровске — Олеся Малеваная, куратор I coworking hub. В активе куратора — со-организация международных франшиз TEDxYekaterinoslavskiyBoulevard (2013-2014) и PechaKucha Night Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk (2011-2015).

Startup Grind — крупнейшее в мире стартап-сообщество Google for Entrepreneurs. Организация была основана в Кремниевой долине с целью обучать и менторить предпринимателей с помощью ежемесячных бизнес-ивентов в городах по всему миру. На Startup Grind выступали Джессика Ливингстон (Y Combinator), Рид Хоффман (LinkedIn) и Бен Зильберман (Pinterest). Startup Grind проводится в 185 городах и 70 странах, собирая успешных фаундеров, инноваторов и инвесторов.

Google for Entrepreneurs — созданная Google в 2012 году инициатива, которая включает в себя инструменты и средста развития стартапов: кампусы, стартап-сообщества, партнерские программы для предпринимателей из 125 стран.

Why “I”?

“I” is the first letter of words that matter much to us.

Innovation is something both new and useful. It’s a new idea, device or process, designed for better solutions that meet new requirement or existing needs and “breaks into” the market or society.

Information is data that is accurate and timely, specific and organized for a purpose, presented within a context that gives it meaning and relevance, and can lead to an increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty.

Investment is time, energy, or matter spent in the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in the future. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or appreciate and be sold at a higher price.

Intelligence is a mental quality that consists of the abilities to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and handle abstract concepts, and use knowledge to manipulate the environment.

Improvisation is the art or act of improvising, or of composing, uttering, executing, or arranging anything without previous preparation.

This is what it started from…

Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. Physical space is often conceived in three linear dimensions, although modern physicists usually consider it, with time, to be part of a boundless four-dimensional continuum known as spacetime.

The concept of space is considered to be of fundamental importance to an understanding of the physical universe. However, disagreement continues between philosophers over whether it is itself an entity, a relationship between entities, or part of a conceptual framework.

Debates concerning the nature, essence and the mode of existence of space date back to antiquity; namely, to treatises like the Timaeus ofPlato, or Socrates in his reflections on what the Greeks called khôra (i.e. “space”), or in the Physics of Aristotle (Book IV, Delta) in the definition of topos (i.e. place).

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